23Snaps – Putting the Privacy Back Into Your Hands

A while ago, we caused a bit of an online ruckus over school uniform pictures and why we believe it may not be a great idea to post them online. We’ve received a ton of feedback on it, and appreciate every bit of it.

The biggest question that erupted from that piece though was – what can parents do instead of posting their kids pictures online?

23 Snaps 1 | DigiKids

We listed a few alternative ways that parents can share those glorious first-day snapshots in that piece but, thanks to a headsup from a fan of DigiKids, we now know there’s a great app that can help too (Thanks Dave!)

Enter 23snaps. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – ergh, ANOTHER social network to update but here’s the thing – it’s completely private. Your images and stories are shared only with those who you approve and add. There’s no chance of your kid’s pic pitching up on the newsfeed of someone you don’t know and this lets you create and curate a private collection of images, just for your family.

While your content is shared only with people you approve, it’s also nice to note that it remains the property of you and you only.  When creating an account, you can choose to create one using just your email address or your Facebook credentials. This is especially grand for those of us who prefer to stay off the Book of Face!

Check out this video for a little look at how it all works:

Once you’re all set up, you’ll create a profile for each of your kids, and share their pics or stories with only the approved people you’d like to have viewing them. For image editing, I noticed they’ve got cool filters and frames and, oh yes, images can easily be exported to create photobooks or albums, for those hardcopy gifts we love to have at home.

Oh, and the greatest part? Approved family members don’t even need the app – they can receive your updates via email if they don’t have a smartphone.

Find 23Snaps for Android devices here, iOS devices here and Windows Phones here.


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