5 Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels

YouTube has become a feast for the whole family, as new channels and content pop up all the time! Here’s our list of five kid-friendly YouTube channels that you need to know about:



A collection of all the most popular nursery rhymes, HooplaKidz is a 100 minutes of classics sing-a-longs like “Wheels on the Bus” and “London Bridge”. The animated visuals are bright and quite charming (I was particularly fond of the smiling bus) and the channel also includes spelling videos, crafts, recipes and Aesop’s fables.

Best part? If you can’t bear to sing “Humpty Dumpty” one more time, let this channel take your place!



Sesame Street

A huge library of classic Sesame Street video clips, your kids can enjoy playlists from their favourite characters, learn the alphabet and even celebrate Hispanic heritage!

Best part? The gorgeous Lupita Nyong’o and Elmo talking about loving the skin you’re in.

British Council Learn English Kids

British Council Learn English Kids

An official website of the British Council, this website is a great resource for teaching English. Including nursery rhymes, stories and “word of the week” this is fun and learning at its best.

Best part? Listening to the “word of the week” videos with the adorable British accents. My personal favourite was “cheeky” or “cheekaay”.



If you don’t already know, this is the most watched animation series for toddlers on YouTube with over a billion views! With new episodes every Friday, this brightly-coloured, 3D animated video series is sure to become your toddlers’ favourite. Most of the videos are short bursts of learning that I found strangely intriguing!

Best part? The channel also features language learning episodes that include English to Mandarin, English to Russian and English to French and Spanish.

Superhero Science

Superhero Science

Now I know that this isn’t a channel, it is a playlist from the equally fantastic TED-Ed channel. But it is just so darn great that I had to include it, especially since there have been a string of superhero movies at the cinema lately. Providing engaging answers to the question that your kids are likely to bring up after watching a superhero movie: if superpowers were real, then what? This playlist is great for all budding superheroes. Discussing questions of immortality, super speed and invisibility, these videos are educational, interesting and easy to understand.


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