A Reading Revolution with Nal’ibali

Nal’ibali is launching its biggest campaign to inspire a reading revolution – FUNDA Leader. This drive aims to support people who are making literacy changes in their family, community and country – connecting people both on the ground and digitally!


There are thousands of South Africans across the country who take time out of their day to bring stories and reading to children. These are the parents and caregivers who read to their kids at night, individuals who have started reading clubs, people who volunteer their time at early childhood development centres, bring food to children in creches, and more! Nal’ibali not only wants to celebrate these everyday heroes, but to support them. These adults are FUNDA Leaders – people who believe that every child deserves books and stories.

Nal’ibali already has an huge network of over 800 reading clubs in seven provinces, with men and women of all ages and backgrounds, speaking various languages, who impact the lives of over 25 000 children each week. Their network is not exclusive, but open to anyone who wants to join the Nal’ibali family to become a change-maker. It’s the everyday heroes who make and sustain real change in the country, and now Nal’ibali wants to support and connect these people to its existing network!

Launching at the Homecoming Centre in District 6, Cape Town, the FUNDA Leaders campaign will be attended by three community literary role models, local celebrities such as Rico (from Madam & Eve) and actress Denise Newman, and literacy organisations who are standing together to spread the same message. By sparking a spirit of activism in South Africans, the FUNDA Leader drive aims to connect each of these individuals with each other and the larger campaign.

If you care about children and bring stories and reading into their lives in some way, then you too are a FUNDA Leader. Visit the Nal’ibali website to sign up online and become connected to the FUNDA Leader family. You’ll be able to find digital resources, contacts, assistance and tips to help you get going. Moreover, you will be directly connected to Nal’ibali as one of its change-making activists. What are you waiting for?


Cath Jenkin

As a mom, Cath raises her daughter with a strong focus on technology, as she believes that digital literacy is as important as learning to read. With a long history of creating content for online and print publications, and in particular as a parenting columnist, Cath brings her curious mind... Read more

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