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Welcome to DigiKids…

We’re not your average parenting website – we focus on helping you guide your children through their digital journey.

From classrooms, to sports, health and entertainment, technology has infiltrated every area of your child’s life. It’s exciting and more than a bit scary, but the best way parents can help their children have a healthy relationship with technology is to dive in, explore and investigate.

In our Reviews section, we write honest reviews of apps, video games, movies, smartphones, tablets, accessories and more.

In our Features section, we ask the experts (and parents like you) for their take on issues such as ‘At what age can I give my child a cellphone?’, ‘How much television is my kid allowed to watch every day?’ and finding the balance between outside play, screen time and family time.

In our How To section, we show you clever tips and tricks to help you ensure your child’s use of technology is safe and age-appropriate.

At DigiKids, we LOVE technology, and we want to empower parents with as much information as possible so that you can guide your children with confidence.

To get in touch, email editor@digikids.co.za.

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