An Alternative to the Morning Cartoons

I’ve got great memories of watching that ten minute cartoon slot we used to get on TV as kids. By the time those credits rolled, it was time to head to school.

Nowadays though, with 24-hour channels and a seemingly infinite set of options when it comes to finding what to watch, it’s a whole different bag of morning mania. It’s pretty common for our kids to watch a spot of telly while they eat breakfast and we get ready for work (it’s okay – this is a safe space – I know we all do it at least once in a while).

But the morning TV offerings in our house have been replaced by something far more fun, sometimes educational and quite funny, to be honest. It’s Good Mythical Morning (GMM).

What is GMM?
Uploaded to their YouTube channel every morning in the US (Monday to Friday), new episodes are released while we’re asleep in SA, so there’s a fresh new one ready to watch when we wake up. Nowadays, we’re not switching the television on in the mornings, but rather flipping open a laptop or tablet and clicking over to GMM.

Now into its 8th season, Good Mythical Morning is a bit offbeat, sometimes zany and often hilarious web series that’s become a very popular channel. Rhett and Link are best mates, and their banter makes for great morning viewing.

Why do we like it?
Rhett and Link ask crazy questions, investigate somewhat strange facets of life and put an alternative spin on silly things. Check out their Will it Shoe? or Will it Pizza? episodes for a taste of their curious adventures.

The interactive nature of the episodes also makes it great. Viewers can submit requests, pop in a “Wheel of Mythicality” shout out or send in ideas for shows and topics. Rhett and Link also make hilarious songs (Check out It’s My Bellybutton!) and often feature high profile guests, including StampyCat! Fans can also hop across to Good Mythical More for longer ‘after the show’ episodes.

The greatest part, for us, is how a GMM episode becomes a conversation starter for the day, and each episode is something we can watch and enjoy together.

The final word from a kid
Good Mythical Morning scored a two thumbs up from the kid in this household. Get rid of those morning cartoons and click on over to Good Mythical Morning or check out more from Rhett and Link!










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