An app that makes planning your child’s birthday party a breeze

Last year, I spent the morning of my daughter’s 4th birthday party tearing through the mall in search of cupcakes. Because I’d left it to the last minute, I ended up camouflaging bran muffins with Pillsbury icing. If you’re like me (read: not great at this stuff), there’s an app that will help you avoid the inevitable eleventh hour madness.


Childs BDay App 2 | DigiKids

Child’s B-Day by Julia Eysoldt will get you planning the most memorable day of the year for your child quickly and efficiently. Select a theme, punch in the date, and allow the automatic countdown do the thinking (and reminding) for you.

Childs BDay App 1 | DigiKids

There are 8 pre-loaded themes to choose from, for both boys and girls, including Pirates, Princesses, An Afternoon at the Stables and even a Creepy Night Pajama Party. Best feature? Your chosen theme comes standard with ideas for appropriate party activities (like building princess crowns) and tips on cakes, snacks and beverages.

Childs BDay App 3 | DigiKids

Plus, the handy to-do list will guide you towards getting it sorted in no time, while push notifications will remind you of what still needs to be done. Same goes for the built-in RSVP list.

One thing you can’t do with this app though, is create digital invites, which costs it a star rating in my book. For personalised e-vites, I’d suggest greetinvite-PARTY INVITES by Gizmojoy Studios. Pick from 24 card templates, type a message and add stickers or photos. Voila.

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