App Review: Buddha for Kids

Rated as one of the best kids’ apps of 2015 by TechAdvisor, Buddha for Kids is one of the most interesting and informative apps that I have ever reviewed (it’s that good).

Buddha For Kids2 | DigiKids

This beautifully animated app (I love the colours in the wedding chapter) tells the story of the life of Buddha. Taking traditional storytelling to the next level of enlightenment (see what I did there) the app also includes fun challenges that consolidate the information, a map that places the story in context and an album with flashcard style facts that kids need to collect.

Buddha For Kids1 | DigiKids

For all their apps, Quelle Histoire works with MoDyCo (a lab from the French national scientific research centre) that specialises in the science of language that is suitable for young audiences. This means that words like “meditation” are explained, but the language remains sophisticated enough to challenge kids.

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Verdict? What’s not to love? Oh yeah, the price… Although this app is not free (R59, 99), it is cheaper than most kids’ books – there, I said it! And although I would never preach the demise of book, this app provides many opportunities for learning and fun beyond the actual story. Although older kids can enjoy the story independently, the complex themes of the story mean that is best enjoyed with a little parental guidance.

Buddha For Kids | DigiKids

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