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Here at DigiKids we’re constantly trying to bridge the gap between parenting and technology, which is why I got so excited when this app landed in my inbox. Gadgetarium is an interactive book about the history of technology that begins with the wheel and ends with Google Glass.

Gadgetarium 1 | DigiKids

It includes stories about 23 of the world’s greatest gadgets, like the first ever radio, clock, lightbulb, microscope, abacus, sewing machine and TV, as well as other inventions that have influenced our society (like Polaroid, Macintosh, Walkman, and iPhone). Not only can you view each gadget in 3D and read and hear about its discovery, you can also play with it to learn exactly how it works.

Gadgetarium 2 | DigiKids

The illustrations are hand-drawn (and gorgeous) with steampunk undertones. The soundtrack is dreamlike and the sound effects rewarding. I got somewhat addicted to the scratchy buzz of the lightbulb, I won’t lie. And I loved scrolling up and down the timeline to switch on the TV to watch a Charlie Chaplin video.

Gadgetarium 3 | DigiKids

Best feature? Mix up the gadgets (with a drag and drop gesture) to create your own invention that will actually work.

Gadgetarium 4 | DigiKids

The app is aimed at kids between 6 and 15 and is backed up by historical facts, making it a great research tool for a school project.

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