APP REVIEW: I Imagine  

This fun, personalised interactive book for imaginative toddlers is like playing with paper dolls, only better. I Imagine, the first app from Bizzibrains, encourages children to use their imaginations while placing themselves in the story.

The app gives your kiddo three characters to create: a child, an adult-in-charge, and a toy. Once you’ve typed in the characters’ names, the fun lies in recording your child saying each name and hearing their voice repeated throughout the story. Each character requires skin tone (light, medium or brown), a face (you can pull one from your photo library if said kiddo wants to get specific), hairstyle and hair colour, and clothing. It’s easy enough for a 3yr-old to manage, including a bright yellow paw-print as a fun page-turning button.


The story is one every parent and child will identify with it: the adult-in-charge is busy with household chores, and the child is bored beyond belief. The design is cute and clever. Crafty hand-drawn images make up the largely pale turquoise and white environment, while interactive elements are splashed with colour. Children will love making a mess in the kitchen, drawing a picture, and jumping on the bed. Simple and fun, your child will want to play this story over and over.

I Imagine

VERDICT: fun and addictive for a toddler who loves playing make-believe.

Download it here Apple (iPad)

Price: free

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