App Review: Lifecake

Are you a big believer in online privacy, and concerned about posting pictures of your children online? If so, Lifecake could be the solution you’re looking for.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download Lifecake for Android or iOS here (it’s free to download)
  • Register and login for the very first time (they make this step really easy!)
  • Set up a profile for each of your precious babies.
  • And then…start adding content like photos, videos or even little notes that let you detail when your child reached a particular milestone, or that time they made a noise that sounded just like a hippo. Record their first smile, first steps or first giggle. You can also import content like photos from your phone’s gallery, or other platforms, like Facebook or Instagram.
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The Best Slice of Lifecake
But here’s the best part (for me) – Lifecake is not your typical social network. Your timeline and profile remains entirely disassociated from anyone else and the only way anyone can view what you’ve posted is if you invite them. You can give them permission to view your content by adding them, using their email address or mobile phone number.

Bonus Bits

Click over to timeline mode, and the app tells you how old your child is, in months and days, in case you have one of those highly inquisitive relatives who loves to know the exact details.

There’s a direct link to the Lifecake print shop where you can order photos, snap cases. magnets and more featuring your precious child’s moments (apparently, it takes up to two weeks to deliver to SA). This makes a lot of sense, because Lifecake is owned by Canon.

The flashback function turns your photos into a cute little slideshow!

If you’re keen on more storage space, or would like to remove adverts from your Lifecake experience, you can upgrade your account to the VIP version (but really, they give you up to 10GB of storage on the free version anyway!)



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