App Review: Memio

Turning learning into fun and not just a chore is a one-way ticket to improving not only test results but memory retention too. I happened upon Memio this morning and was fascinated by its function and interactive design.

Memio iPad1

Active Recall
Memio helps you memorise diagrams, notes and the like, while enabling you to spot-quiz yourself when you’re revising. The app uses your iPhone or iPad’s camera to snap pictures of your work, and – oh the best part – it’s ad-free (but does cost $1.99 or just over R28 – totally worth it!). It’s a great little tool for studying, as you can ‘erase’ parts of your diagrams or notes, using just your finger, and then test your active recall to see how much you remember.

No more textbooks
I found it really nifty to use, and there’s a bigger side benefit to it too – you don’t need to carry around that heavy textbook to revise. Instead, just snap and go and you can learn anywhere – even while sitting on the bus on the way to school. Think of it this way – it’s like a grown up set of flash cards you make for yourself.

Memio iPad 3

Suitable for all ages
Memio is pretty easy to use, so it’d be suitable for all ages. And, nowadays, with tests and exams starting in earlier Grades (I’m pretty certain I only started writing tests later on in life, and exams only in high school!), Memio is a great tool for helping your kids get exam-ready. It’d be super useful for biology and science especially, because students need to remember all those diagram labels!  You can also track your study progress – useful when you know you need to ace a particular topic. 

Get Memio
Memio is available for iOS devices only (I hope they bring out an Android one soon!) – grab it via iTunes here.


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