App review: Rainbow Ruckus

Growing up, I had this weird rule that I wouldn’t play a game that emanated from a movie or TV series. Granted, I had a ton of silly ideas growing up (including that time I covered my whole cupboard in toothpaste, so let’s take young me out of the equation for now). I’m way older and wiser now, so that rule no longer applies.


New from the world of Cartoon Network comes an all-new The Amazing World of Gumball “Rainbow Ruckus” game. Players take on the role of Gumball, the brave and blue cat, as he journeys to save the town of Elmore from the ugly, green-eyed monster, Jealousy. I like how there’s a little bit of EQ learning in here for kids, and especially enjoy how Gumball sets out to fight jealousy. Wish we could have more of that in the real world!

But what do we do in this game?
Aided by Darwin, his trusty sidekick, Gumball must protect the town’s rainbow from Jealousy and travel through the underground systems of the city. It takes a little while to learn the game mechanics, as players must unblock sewers, travel through pipes and work to get the town rainbow back up into the sky, where it belongs.

Free vs paid versions
With the lite (free) version, you’ll get eight levels to explore and enjoy, while the paid version gives you thirty levels to conquer, where you finally release the rainbow and set it back up in the city sky. In the paid version, there are also in-app purchases available to players, where they can buy fab power-ups and cool upgrades.

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Things I really liked

  • Gumball’s little paintball gun. Pew Pew!
  • The cute little dance moves that Gumball and Darwin get down to when you complete a level.
  • The way it’s a slick little game to play, but still has a slightly retro feel to it.
  • Being able to choose between a free and paid version – this is such a big thing for me, because I am so wary of downloading paid apps for my kid, so having a lite version for her to try the game out first, before I commit to purchasing it, is a big thing!

And once you’re done saving the town’s rainbow, pop on the telly and enjoy an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball on Cartoon Network at 16h10.

Download and install Rainbow Ruckus here:




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