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Please note: This review is completely biased because I have just spent the past hour (hour and a half, actually) playing on this app. And this just in: I loved it!

Not specifically a kids’ app, this beautifully designed and easy-to-use drawing app will appeal to anyone who loves to doodle. Kids will adore the spontaneity of the app – one minute you’re painting and the next you’re adding patterns and text or spraying colour. And for the adults? You will be surprised to remember how relaxing drawing actually is. What’s more, no tools or reams of paper required!

Sketches iOS DigiKids

As a kid I loved drawing – I was the queen of those M-for-McDonald’s shaped birds and I always drew the sun in the top left corner of the page. In essence, I would have lost my nut if I had the chance to use this app. Deceptively simple, it is quite easy to spend hours trying out the different tools and mastering a steady hand, or should I say finger. The best part? The undo feature! Simply swipe two fingers to the left and the mistake is history! This nifty feature allows kids to perfect a technique without the frustration of “getting it wrong”. Once your kid has completed their masterpiece you can save the work in folders and share it.

Sketches iOS DigiKids

My only gripe is that the paid-for versions are super tempting. For R29, 99 you can add layering tools, import photos and background paper, add extra tools or varied stylus pressure  modes. Alternatively, you can purchase the Pro Bundle for R59, 99 and get all the extras in one go.

Sketches iOS DigiKids

Overall, this app claims to be “the perfect mix of beauty, Zen and power” and once I finished laughing (Zen and power?!) I kinda had to agree.

You can download Sketches for iOS here.

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