App Review: Slimkop Klerekas

Did you know? New research has revealed that the benefits of growing up in a bilingual home are broader than previously understood. The new research has found that babies who are exposed to more than one language from just six months old display unique habits strongly associated with higher IQ later in life.

Slimkop 1 | DigiKids

So the question is, how smart do you want your mini me to be?

Slimkop Klerekas is an Afrikaans educational app designed to help kids from as young as three years old learn basic Afrikaans words while improving fine-motor skills. The words range from the names of body parts to weather and clothing items, and the app consolidates the learning in a cute game that involves dragging and dropping clothes to earn coins for the Winkel. Not only fun, the game helps kids to understand how the words are used in real life and I particularly enjoyed the outrageously cute voice of the little boy who pronounces the words as you touch them.


Verdict? Engaging your kids’ senses, Slimkop Klerekas is a combination of visual, auditory and tactile learning that is complemented by cute and colourful animation and easy-to-use features.

Note: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.


Heather Clancy

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