App review: Virgin Active’s Let’s 2015!

The hardest part of getting off the couch and out in to the fresh air to get some exercise is? Of course, summoning up the motivation to do it! And when it comes to encouraging the whole family towards fitness, it can feel like a double effort, because getting everyone going can be an exercise and a half, all on its own. That’s where “Let’s 2015”, a new app conjured up and recently released by the folks over at Virgin Active comes in.

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 What does it do?
First off, this is a free mobile application and you don’t need to be a member of Virgin Active to use it. Simply put, it’s an app that motivates you, and lets you decide when you are most likely to need your butt kicked off the couch, or a little reminder to do something. You’ll set a day and time to receive a personal motivational message that will remind you of what you need to do. You can also set it to send you a push notification, first thing in the morning, so it can serve as a little extra boost for you upon waking.

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Choose your challenge
As you install and open the app for the very first time, you’ll choose a challenge. You can add to or change your personal challenge any time you like, but I really liked the “Let’s Kick it For the Kids” option. Once you’ve selected your challenge, you’ll be presented with a bunch of motivational messages that you can preselect, or you can make your own! Simply update your frequency to receive reminder messages on particular days at certain times and the app will do the rest.


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So will it get my whole family moving?
Here’s where I think it can get useful (and I am tempted to get crafty with this function!):

It’s one thing getting my own self moving, but getting everyone else on the exercise train, or making sure they remember to pack their bags for sport tomorrow is another thing entirely. This app could make my life a little easier, right there. Now I don’t need to nag every Sunday night for bags to be packed or checked – rather, I’ll just set up a notification on my daughter’s phone to remind her to stash her sneakers and sport kit into her school bag. It’s also a great reminder system for me, to remember to take the dog for a walk (even he sometimes forgets that he needs one).

But what are the messages like and can I make my own?
After installing this on everyone’s phone, I might even set up a few ‘surprise’ reminders. I wonder if I can set a weekly “put the trash out’ reminder for my boyfriend? The app isn’t restrictive, as you don’t have to use it to only remind yourself to do something physical, so perhaps that gentle yet pretty reminder to put the rubbish out will work? Mmmm. Making your own messages is pretty easy, and you can also insert your own image by taking a photo on your phone. There’s also a range of other ideas entrenched into the pre-made messages, like “Let’s try a new healthy lunchbox idea”.

About sharing
The app also makes it easy to share your personalized messages with friends, with simple click and share function attached to each image that lets you post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The last word
This a pretty quirky way to remind myself to get moving, and it’ll probably alleviate my need to constantly remind people in my house to do certain things at certain times or on particular days. I call that a win!

This app is available for IOS devices and for Android devices.




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