App Review: Gracie & Friends City Skate

Help your kids unlock the magical maths skill of subitizing with this cute game, Gracie and Friends City Skate. Even though my laptop underlined the word, subitizing is a real thing that means knowing “how many” without having to actually count. Cool, huh? It also means knowing that the shape, size, type and position of the objects doesn’t change the actual quantity. In other words, five crayons in a row or five cherries in a circle is still just five.

Gracie City Skate 2 | DigiKids

The game also helps your kids learn and remember number names and symbols and understand that quantity can also be represented by a set of objects. Backed up by research and designed specifically for preschool classroom use, this game packs some serious learning into a seemingly simple game.

Gracie City Skate | DigiKids

But if your kid does latch onto the fact that they’re learning too much, there’s no need to save the level before exiting. Simply press “all levels” when it is time to play again and pick up where you left off.

Verdict: Easy to play yet challenging, navigate twenty levels of skating adventure with this ad-free game.

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