Build Your Own Games

Kids are the very best type of inventors,  because their imaginations run wild with possibility, while us adults are far too prone to thinking “I can’t do that” or “that’s not possible.” As childhood imagination leaves children uninhibited in their creativity, their learning skills expand and grow, and it’s through these creative pursuits that children, very often, discover a talent or hobby.

Build Your Own Games

And while playing games on their mobile devices or computers can be all sorts of fun, there are also great (and relatively simple to get to grips with!) resources out there that can help kids build their own games, or create beautiful things, using just their creativity and an internet connection. Here are a few we’ve found:


Available for iPhone or iPad, Hopscotch lets players drag blocks around, learn a little along the way and play. Hopscotch is great for creating mini-games, patterns and rendering beautiful images. You can also check out their YouTube channel for cool ideas and tutorials.


This one’s the big kahuna and so much fun to play around with. Ready puts a very educational spin on learning to code, without removing any of the fun. It’s an open-ended software creator that lets users learn and play. It’s being utilised in schools and educational environments too, with special pricing solutions created for educators


Sploder feels like a bit of a retro trip back in time, and it’s a lot of fun to fiddle with too. Sploder helps you create 8-bit side-scroller games, with options like Classic Shooter, Physics Puzzle and more. (Tip for parents: It’ll feel a little nostalgic for you!)


Flowlab is cool because you can create games for a variety of platforms, including Android devices. You can also explore games that have already been created. Flowlab gets a little complex, but it really is a barrel of fun. Check out this YouTube video for a starter tutorial:



Scratch lets intrepid imagination-holders create their own games, programme interactive stories, develop animations and share their creations, easily.

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