Create a Digital Archive of Your Child’s Life

It’s relatively common practice nowadays for tech-savvy parents to purchase a domain when their child is born. Usually, parents opt for “name” domains and book that little corner of the Internet so that their kid has a playground if they’d ever like to use it.

It’s the same with grabbing email addresses, because really, nobody wants to be forced into choosing as their email address one day, do they? It’s also happening on social networks, with parents signing their kids up to Twitter and Facebook, and simply parking the username until it’s time for their children to log on.

digital archive

Why do this?
There are a lot of cool reasons why you should create a digital archive. It’s not just a super way to book that online space, but it’s also an opportunity to create an online archive for your child to explore when they’re older. There’s also a more technical, future-focused reason for this (but one to definitely keep in mind before you tag a public image with your kid’s name): searchability – simply put, what’s out there about you online counts for the future, and will continue to count for a long time. So if your child wants to be visible online, the earlier you get started, the better. Of course, owing to privacy concerns and the like, consider this aspect and your purpose for it, very carefully. And lastly, thanks to the wonderful online world, your memories can be preserved in a digital format – that’ll save you some space on that bookshelf!

How to do this?
Set up an email address and email your child pictures, keepsakes or other sentimental items throughout the years. And then, for a birthday, hand them the password! It’s a cool way to track their life and give them a sweet reflection on growing up. The same could be said for creating a digital scrapbook for kids – take a look at this quick list for some ideas on creating an archive for your child. And for parents who are overwhelmed by the amount of cute artworks their children bring home from school, check out Art My Kid Made.

There’s also Futureme. Tech Girl wrote about it recently, and using it to quickly record little nuggets of life to be emailed to your child in the future is a damn fine idea. Set up a private Instagram account and post pictures to it for your child as they grow up. Then, one day when you and they are ready, hand over the password and let them soak up the sunshine of memories.

How do you preserve those precious memories for your family?


Cath Jenkin

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