Delicious Apps to Get Your Kids Cooking

Getting kids into the kitchen to help you while you prepare meals is a great way to get them invested in their food! We check out some of the best, most kid-friendly recipes and cooking instruction apps out there.

Cooking time is bonding time. Yes, cooking with kids requires more organisation and the patience of a saint as flour covers the kitchen like snow. But in between stirring, chopping and kneading kids share their feelings and learn about what goes into preparing their favourite meal. The classic macaroni and cheese that they once gobbled up without so much as a grunt is imbued with new meaning by getting kids involved in the process.

Besides cultivating an appreciation for food, getting kids cooking helps improve vocabulary and motor skills – while learning to correctly pronounce “soufflé”, your mini Jamie Oliver is working on both fine (hands, fingers and co-ordination) and gross (body and arm) motor skills.


Here are some great free kid-friendly recipe and cooking apps:

  1. Great British Chefs Kids HD

Available on iOS.

I downright love this app. It is beautiful to look at (I’m a sucker for cute animations) and smart too. Choose from a bunch of kid-friendly recipes categorized by difficulty level, ingredients and meals, or select recipes from one of the top British chefs. Each recipe includes guidelines and hints for cooking with kids and there’s a handy shopping list section and nutritional info too. Each recipe also includes a nifty timer and a feature that allows you to make notes.

Great B Chefs 1 | DigiKidsBest bit? Enable your microphone and all you have to do is say “next” or “back” to move onto the next step in the recipe.

  1. Bean Sprouts

Available on iOS.

With cute games, stories, puzzles and healthy recipes, Bean Sprouts is the perfect all-in-one foodie app for kids from the age of 6 to 8 year olds. Designed to encourage kids to eat healthfully, Bean Sprouts works on the logic (endorsed by a Cornell study) that kids are about 30% more likely to try new food if the meal has a playful element – thus the Crocamole is born. An avocado-hummus hybrid, the Crocamole is just one of the many creative veggie-based recipes.

Bean Sprouts 1 | DigiKids

Best bit? The silly step inserted into each recipe means that your kids will be dancing in the name of healthy eating.

  1. Kids Recipes by

Available on Android and iOS.

With over 5 000 food videos and recipes ranging from breakfast buttermilk pancakes to 3-ingredients gummy bears to mocktails for kids, this app is a treasure-trove of yummy meals and creative kid-friendly videos.

Kids Recipes 2 | DigiKids

Best bit? Healthy recipes are categorized from dairy free, to diabetic and vegan to eggless and vegetarian making this a great resource for kids with dietary concerns.




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