Discovery Vitality and Disney team up!

I love it when I discover useful online resources for families, and I like it even more when there’s a cute streak to them. That’s exactly what I stumbled upon when I read about Discovery Vitality and Disney teaming up to create two new websites geared towards celebrating healthy and happy families.

Disney Healthy Baby | DigiKids

Disney Baby Africa
Packed with useful tips and cool ideas for handling the baby days, Disney Baby Africa puts a cute spin on important information, with Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh and Tigger making their appearance. I loved the Milestones section the most, where they’ve posted a bunch of cute printables for milestone days and important events.

Disney Healthy Living | DigiKids

Disney Healthy Living
Then there’s Disney Healthy Living. This site takes it up a notch, by being an interactive resource for parents and children, offering great ideas for healthy living and some cool creative projects. I really liked the Create and Play section, as it has online games, crafty projects and activity sheets. Those will be very useful during the upcoming school holidays!

There’s also a great range of easy recipes for families to try their hand at in the kitchen. On the educational front, the “Did You Know?” section of the Disney Healthy Living website has fantastic, downloadable sheets and information packs that cover a variety of health-related topics. Check out Sensational Cells for an easy explanation of how those all important parts of our bodies work, and read up on what Minnie Mouse has to say about water.


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