Dr Panda’s Supermarket

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This is one of those games you download for your toddler and you end up spending hours exploring yourself. The app is packed with 10 mini games, all taking place within a supermarket environment. You’re probably thinking this is an exercise for your little one to learn about shopping lists, and cashiers, and coins… but it’s so much more. Behind the store you need to help your character unload crates, and piece them together Tetris style (Dr. Panda games are known for their cuddly characters: round-faced piggies, pandas and bears).

In the parking lot you collect a conga line of trolleys. Then, clean up in aisle five! Mop up the mess, before heading outside to the recycling bins where you sort glass, plastic and organic materials. Overall, the game is colourful, clever and just the right amount of challenging for a 3 to 6-year-old. You really get your money’s worth with Dr. Panda’s Supermarket. This is why they have a reputation as one of the best developers for kids’ games.

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Verdict: A winner! An app worth paying for.


Stacey Vee

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