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As a special treat, we’ve got a guest post from Sam Wright of Tech Girl.

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I don’t have children. However, I’ve found myself in a difficult position lately. Many of my friends’ “little ones” aren’t so little anymore and now have their own Facebook profiles set up. Just last week my tween step sister sent me a friend request on Facebook.

While I’m not consciously sharing content that could be dangerous or damaging to children, I do think that sometimes what I put up on Facebook is not necessarily something they should be seeing. For example, recently I was invited to chat on a News24 channel and weigh in on why Taylor Swift was purchasing domain names specifically earmarked for porn sites. I considered it interesting content for my friends and wanted to share it but didn’t think my step sister and a few other tweens on my friends’ list should see it. I was worried that the moment they saw the words “Taylor Swift” they’d be clicking and awkward questions to their parents would ensue.

If, like me, you’re in a similar predicament, there is an easy fix.

Facebook allows you to customise your share options. This option means you can ensure that certain content is not shared and hidden from certain friends. Here’s how:

Step 1: Once you’ve posted the content click the sharing options on the post and a drop down menu will appear.

1 Facebook | DigiKids

Step 2: On the drop down box select “more options”:

2 Facebook | DigiKids

Step 3: Now select the “customise” tab.

3 Facebook | DigiKids

Step 4: This will then open a new window where you can enter the names of the friends you wish to not share content with. Once you put their names on this list it will also hide the post from them.

It’s a bit of a mission to remember that some content may not be suitable to certain friends on your list. I’m sure many will argue that it is the parents’ responsibility to oversee the content their children are seeing. However, I also remember being 13 years old so I’m going to do my bit to help because if their parents are facing even a small bit of my teenage years, they deserve all the help they can get!


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