Giraffe Care Rainbow Resort

photo 3Described as the ‘most stylish safari adventure’, this game promises to keep kids entertained and stimulated with its various candy-coloured levels and challenges. Safari coins and purple stars are up for grabs and players are rewarded even if they don’t complete the games properly. With a choice of four friendly giraffes, kids can visit different locations by tapping the map. Unfortunately, many of the games aren’t free. However, the app is free to download with enough free games to keep your little one occupied provided that there is a password for the locked games. The games include audio encouragement and kids can record their own voice and take photos with their chosen giraffe, which are admittedly very cute. With games including makeovers, spa treatments (complete with a pimple-ridden giraffe) and fab fashion, this game is perfect for girly-girls with a penchant for giving giraffe’s facials. That being said, the games don’t offer many learning opportunities and older kids are sure to tire of their simplicity. Also, the pop-up ads are annoying while the pleasure of an ad-free version costs R11.99.   photo 2photo 1
Stacey Vee

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