Gmail for kids under 13? Google is (apparently) considering it

Chances are, if you have a child aged 9 or 10, that they already have an email address, Google age restrictions be damned. For these kids, who are already texting and WhatsApping, it’s unlikely that they don’t have a Gmail account. After all, you usually need an email address to register on websites like YouTube, another much-frequented site for kids under 13, many of whom watch more videos on the Internet than they do television.

Gmail Logo | DigiKids

In August this year rumours swirled that Google was considering making Gmail and YouTube accounts available for children. What prevents the tech giant is a US law called the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA. (I’m not sure if there is an equivalent law in South Africa.)

Another rumour is that Google is working on a kid-friendly version on YouTube. I would imagine that in both instances, Google would build in a parental consent component. For instance, I wouldn’t mind my under-13s having a kid-friendly YouTube account if I was emailed a daily report on what videos they watched.

Google has refused to comment, but you can read the reports here and here.




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