Helping Your Children Succeed

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The last seven years have been quite difficult in the world of finance. We’ve all had our share of tough times, with many families even facing the scary prospect of unemployment. Financial insecurity has sometimes made it extremely difficult for families to provide for all their children’s needs.


Helping Your Children Succeed | 1Life | DigiKids

We raise our children to be well-equipped, to deal with the challenges that the future brings and we hope that they never need to know all the financial pains associated with parenting. Working together with 1Life, we take a look at what combination of school subjects and activities will prepare them for the workplace and what financial skills they will need.

Studies reveal, however, that 60% of the jobs that our children will do, do not actually exist yet! It stands to reason then, that we can’t completely prepare our children for an as yet unknown career path. Therefore, we have to focus on helping them to develop specific personality traits. Here are some points for you to consider:

A love of learning
Children need to make learning a habit in their lives, and not just something they do for and at school. Remember that learning happens everywhere, and not just in the classroom! Use teachable moments from life to impart knowledge and broaden their skills. Value your children’s questions because asking good questions is sometimes better than knowing the answer. Help them find the answer before giving it yourself.

While you and the kids are taking an afternoon stroll, talk with your children about what they see around them. Answer their questions (yes, even the most banal ones!) as best you can. Next time your little cherub asks you a question about nature or why the tree’s leaves turn brown in Autumn, fill them in on how the seasons work, and ask them questions too, about their thoughts on their surroundings.

Your children will need to be capable of coming up with their original ideas, and come up with their own solutions when problems arise. It’s very easy for kids to slip into a pattern of using other people’s ideas, or information they’ve gleaned from a television programme or through online services. Guard against this lazy creativity, by showing them that you value their ideas. Give them the opportunity to share what they think, help them to implement their suggestions and involve them in conversations and problem-solving situations. Their ideas may be new and unfamiliar to you but please give it a go – you will have fun learning more about your children in the process. You could give these simple but fun tasks a whirl:

  • Ask your children to help you pack the grocery cupboards, but to get everything into their respective cupboards in a neat order (alphabetically, by size or by height). It may be a trial and error task, but they’ll learn along the way!
  • Start up a brainstorming session with your kids after dinner. Grab a pen and notepad and make up lists of things they associate with night-time, from animals, to lamps, songs, pyjamas and more. This encourages lateral thinking – a skill that helps in finding unique solutions to sometimes complex problems.

Relationship oriented
People love to connect, and how your children relate to others online and offline is equally important. Today’s age of information sharing has surpassed our expectations. It is vital that you know your child’s relationship with other people. Your family is your first team, so be sure to focus on consideration and support at home. Focus on the art of conversation at the dinner table. And encourage school, sporting and cultural activities – be present for your family so that your children do not need to look elsewhere for these values. Here are two easy ways to do just that:

  • Eat dinner together as often as possible, and make it a distraction-free, special time together, where you discuss your days, ideas and even current affairs, if appropriate. That means you should put your phones and tablets away during dinner time.
  • Attend school sports games and events as often as you can. Sometimes the best family memories are made on the sidelines of the sports field! Of course, it’s not always possible to get away from work and other commitments, but do it whenever you can.

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