Hop Into The Holidays With These Easter Games

The school holidays seemed to have arrived mighty quickly – did anyone see February? I’m pretty sure we skipped it! Anyway, now that you’re switching off alarm clocks for the kids and thinking up creative ways to keep them entertained, we’ve found a bunch of Easter apps to get you into the hop of things for this holiday season.

Hidden Egg Hunt | DigiKids

Let’s Find Some Eggs!
Of course, if you’re a family that hides those eggs round the house and garden far-too-early on Sunday morning, you’ll know all about an Easter Egg Hunt. Hidden Egg Hunt takes that egg-search to your tablet or phone, letting you stash those treats before your time runs out. Find it for iOS devices here. And for Android fans, there’s Easter Egg Hunt, where you help Bob the Bunny find the hidden eggs.

Easter Bunny Games | DigiKids

Puzzle Up!
Easter Bunny Games: Puzzles will have the little people puzzling over twelve games that include an Easter Egg Hunt after each game is completed. Available for Android devices, keep an eye out for the little chicks, bunnies and eggs popping up all over your screen.

Easter Egg Painting | DigiKids

Everyone likes to paint but man, the mess it makes sometimes! Easter Egg Painting takes the messy pain out of painting, letting your kids decorate and draw to their heart’s content. Easy enough for even the littlest fingers, Easter Egg Painting also makes it easy to share those creations with friends and family.

Easter Bingo | DigiKids

Have you ever played Bingo? There’s something pretty darn exciting about matching up those numbers and yelling “BINGO!” Easter Bingo spins an eggy theme on this classic game, and includes a bunch of special power-ups that let you win bonuses, treasures and other rewards.

Hop off and have fun this Easter!

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