HOW TO: Find your lost smartphone

You take your smart phone everywhere. Which means you might lose it anywhere…

You know the deal. You could swear that it was only a minute ago that you had your trusty smart phone in your hand but now…after frantically calling your phone and listening for buzzing at the bottom of the toy box… You can only, sadly, conclude that it is gone (not before looking under the bed – hey you never know, right?)

The good news is, your smart phone is waiting for you to find it!

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.33.49 AMFor Apple:

  • If you’ve installed Find My iPhone then you’re in luck! Simply sign into your iCloud account and click on Find My iPhone.
  • With this nifty app not only can you see where your iPhone is (so it was under the bed!), you can track where it has been. Sherlock Holmes has nothing on you! Following this, you can play a sound, send a message, lock your phone down or wipe your data.
    Top tip: If you suspect that your phone is stolen and not lost, be sure to speedily lock your phone before the thief has a chance to disable Find My iPhone and catch a peek of your photos…

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.34.14 AMFor Android:

  • Fear not, download Plan B. Unlike Find My iPhone, this clever app can be installed after you lose your phone.
  • Visit the Google Play Store and sign into your account. Install the Plan B app or if you have already done so, simply click on the Plan B icon and the location of your dear phone will be emailed to your registered Gmail account.

Top tip: Lookout is a great find-my-phone app for Apple and Android. Similar to Find My iPhone and Plan B, Lookout also has a feature that takes a sneaky “thiefie” photo and emails it to you along with your phone’s location.




Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.34.56 AMFor Blackberry:

  • If you’ve installed Blackberry Protect simply sign into your account on the website and click “View Location”.
  • The app also allows you to play sounds to help you find your phone if you don’t have another phone to call with. However, be warned! This feature will not work if you have customised your Loud profile to be Silent or Vibrate Only.

Top tip: For Blackberry Protect to work, Location Reporting must be enabled on your phone before it goes missing! To do this, simply click on the app and select “Options” and in the Location Reporting tab select “I want this device’s location to be viewable from the Blackberry Protect website”.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.42.45 AMFor Windows:

  • On your computer, visit
  • Select the My Phone icon and sign in with your Windows Live ID.
  • In the My Phone menu you will see the Find My Phone tab.
  • Click the tab, follow the instructions (if it is your first time logging in) and your phone’s location will be revealed. Easy peasy!





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