How to: set up an allowance in the iTunes Store

Ever had your kids blow a small fortune in apps while playing with your iPad? Especially if they know your iTunes password (which happens more often than we parents care to admit). Here we show you how to set up an allowance for your child; there are two ways to do it.

1) Log into iTunes using your own account.

2) Look for the Quick Links section on the right, and scroll down and select “Buy iTunes gifts”.

Screenshot 1

3) Now scroll down to the section called Allowances, and click “Set up and allowance now”.

Screenshot 2

4) Enter your name, then the recipient’s name (your child) and the monthly allowance you’ve decided on. PS: the screenshot shows Dollars, but it works exactly the same in the South African iTunes store.

Screenshot 3

5) You’ll see that you have the option to send your child their allowance now, or wait until the first of the next month.

6) If your child already had their own Apple ID, great – but if not, now is your chance to create one for them.

7) You can also write a personal message for your child – like “Here is your monthly iTunes allowance, kiddo. Don’t spend it all at once!”

8) In the last step you’ll be taken to a payment confirmation screen. Click ‘Buy’ and your credit card will be charged (either immediately, or on the 1st of the month, depending on what option your selected before).

Screenshot 4


Buy a gift card

Once a month, buy your child an iTunes or App Store gift card. This way you can control how much your child spends.

Look out at the tills of your while you’re doing the grocery shopping. iTunes and Apps Store gift card denominations start from as little as R150, or if you’d like something smaller – like just R50 – pop into your nearest iStore and they’ll load the exact amount you’ve budgeted onto the card for you. Then just top it up every month.

PS: we were logged into the US iTunes store when taking these screenshots, but it works exactly the same with the South African store. (Editor: Remember back when we South Africans had to find a sneaky way to get into the US store because our local iTunes store was so awful – that has changed for the better, by the way!)

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