Huawei’s fingerprint sensor helps keep kids safe online

We all do it – hand over our phones or tablets to the kids so they can play a round of their favourite game or enjoy a little time out with some YouTube videos. But, it’s not always possible to constantly monitor what our children get up to when they’re let loose on our devices so, Huawei has applied some smart thinking, and made it a little easier on parents.

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Why we need to keep an eye on things
According to the 2015 edition of the Kaspersky Lab Children Online study, it’s very likely that our children will stumble across inappropriate content or other threats during their time online. The report states that pornography, drugs and alcohol, obscene language, weapons, cyber-bullying and undesirable communication with strangers are the main threats relevant to children accessing the Internet. Supporting this view, the study found that nearly 60% of users encountered pornography, 26.6% landed on websites dedicated to gambling and 20% stumbled across sites featuring weapons and strong language. The methods of accessing these sites were primarily on computers, but given the prevalence of Internet-enabled mobile phones, this danger looms even larger.


So what do we do about it?
And while software tools can be used to block access to these types of unwanted content, this is small comfort for parents who are unable to monitor their children’s usage on a full time basis. But, denying our children access to the Internet is not really feasible, especially considering that more and more educational facilities are becoming reliant upon online information and resources.

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The Mate7 fingerprint sensor
Thanks to Huawei though, the new fingerprint sensor on the Ascend Mate7 could be just the ticket to helping kids stay safe and parents stay sane in the online world. By implementing a whole new level of security without sacrificing convenience, the fingerprint sensor helps parents keep kids safe online.


Setting up fingerprint profiles
Families can set up to five different fingerprint profiles on the Mate7, and each profile can be set up with its own services such as email, social media, apps, games and personal information. That means your kid won’t accidentally read your emails and, thanks to the sensor profile setup programme, parents can also lock certain information or apps on the handset. And for kids who don’t yet need their own online accounts, parents can hand over their phones in “visitor mode”, which locks personal information, accounts and selected apps. By tackling the hazards of being online in a simple way, the Huawei Mate7 fingerprint sensor may just be the ticket for parents who would like that extra level of online security for their kids.


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