It’s Brush Time!

Did you know? September is National Oral Health Month. In the spirit of all things minty and sparkling, let’s tackle a rather toothy issue for some kids…

As you’re well aware, introducing your kids to a regular teeth-brushing routine is not only important for a sparkling smile in school photos… To combat tooth decay and to ensure lifelong good oral hygiene, kids need to start early and start brushing!

For 2 minutes twice a day (willing or not) your little ones have to brush their teeth. However, if your little darlings seems to categorize this habit as some form of bizarre torture, we’ve got just the thing!

Aquafresh have made brushing fun and tech-savvy with their super Brush Time app.

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Available for free download on Apple and Android, the required 120 seconds will fly by with this sneakily educational app. Let the Nurdles (friendly blobs of toothpaste) show your kids proper teeth-brushing techniques and get down to a catchy tune that is set to a 2 minute timer.

With the Brush Time app, believe it or not, teeth-brushing is about to become your kids new favourite game. Each complete brush earns your kids Nurdle stars that can be used at the Nurdle Shop. The more Nurdle stars, the more cool stuff that your kids can buy to jazz up their very own Nurdle.

P.S. Nurdle is a real word, promise.

Heather Clancy

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Pat Pughe-Parry (@trishpp)

I am going to share this post on our ADHD website. Many people with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) have tactile issues and teeth brushing and hair washing/brushing are two common ones along food textures and having to remove labels from clothes.


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