It’s Pumpkin Time!

Instead of donning a white sheet and going round to our neighbours to spook them, we’ve decided to make Halloween a more indoors fiesta this year. And well, why not? There aren’t any Trick or Treat walks happening in my hood this year, so I’ve had to get a little creative. Here’s a few of the Halloween-esque Android apps I’ve found (and yes, I’m thinking about carving up a pumpkin, just for the fun of it!).

Halloween City DigiKids

My kids loves The Sims so I set out to find a city-type game for her, and found Halloween City! Once installed, you go through a quick tutorial with Doctor MAD and then you can become the maddest scientist of all! It works very similarly to The Croods, which made it quite easy to get into, because we’ve been playing that game for a while! With a ton of funny animated characters and new ones unlocked when you clear a level, it’s kept us quite entertained! With spooky houses, ghost lairs and more, Halloween City is free to play but there are a few optional in-app purchases you can make. This app could be a little complex for the younger crowd and a little on the spooky side, so I’d suggest it for kids six and up.


Halloween bubble blast DigiKids


A little less spooky and a little more pumpkinish, Halloween Bubble Blast is a reskinning of the bubble popping games we all know, love and pass the time with. Except, this time, we’re popping pumpkins and other Halloween-type characters. It’s pretty easy to start off, and each level gives you a certain amount of moves with which to clear the screen. Finish the level and you’re greeted with a cackle and a prompt to continue on to the next, more difficult level. Brilliant time waster with a nice little twist! This app is an easy time waster but the later levels get quite intense, so I’d recommend it for kids three and up

Bouncy Bill Halloween DigiKids

And then there’s Bouncy Bill Halloween. A spinoff of the Bouncy Bill game that has the lovable turtle bouncing around your screen, Bouncy Bill Halloween is a cute tap-and-play game, of which I could only complete five levels, but my kid says I’m just being a little silly (spoiler alert – she’s better than me at most games). It’s a mega-cute way to spend your Halloween! This app, with its extra cute appeal and easy game play, would be great for kids three and up.


Cath Jenkin

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