Joel Drew This

Supporting our children as they express themselves and learn to know (and love) the world around them is a sacred and important element of parenting. But for Simon Nicholson and his son, Joel, that’s just gone one step further (and we’re about to benefit from it).


A former professional surfer, Simon married Jess and they had two beautiful children, Joel and Anna. Tragically, Jess was diagnosed with a brain tumour just after her 29th birthday, and passed on a year later in 2014. Simon has continued to raise his children the best way he knows how – with heart and courage, focusing on inspiring his children to express themselves in any way they feel comfortable.


Joel Drew This
Joel is an avid artist, putting his pen to paper whenever inspiration strikes, and creating some heart-stopping, beautiful creations. Simon, drawing inspiration from his wife’s career in fashion design, has brought those creations to life.

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Encouraging Creativity
Simon set up a t-shirt store on popular platform, Teespring, scanned Joel’s favourite images and asked him to write out the name of his store. Now available for pre-order, Joel’s fantastic creations are up for the buying.

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Okay, so you’re going to ask me why I’m prepared to spend a chunk of change on a t-shirt? Have you seen them? Go take a look. And then come back to me and tell me when last you found such an incredible piece of clothing for your kid that cost less? Yeah, I thought so. Teespring works much like a crowd-funding site, with people pre-ordering the designs they like and, once that design reaches the minimum required amount of orders, the shirt goes into production (you’re only charged for your purchase when this happens).

Combining the online world with a child’s intense creativity? Sign me up! Joel, your mum would be infinitely proud, and I’m placing my order today. Readers, you can too, and you can follow Joel’s antics via his Instagram account too!



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