Let there be light (and a charging station!)

Now that the days of regular loadshedding are hopefully behind us in South Africa (fingers crossed!), I like to think this kind of device is not on my essential items list.

I am, of course, very wrong, because if I know anything at all about modern day life, it is that, when your phone is on 2% battery, dinner needs to be cooked and/or you’re about to settle in for a great family movie night…the power will go off, for any or all sorts of reasons. Some people call it the Law of Murphy, while I might call it more unsavoury things. Anyway, enough about the problem, and let’s talk about the solution – it’s the Philips Solar Lantern LifeLight Plus! Here’s what we thought of it:

Light 2

Solar Energy

First off, this one’s easy to charge and you don’t need a plugpoint. The nifty, yet surprising small, solar panel is super simple to use. Pop it into direct sunlight for up to ten hours (I charged it for eight and it worked for a long time!) and you’re ready to go. You can read more about how Philips approaches solar powered lighting systems here.

Let There Be Light

The LED light gives off a beautiful glow that lasts for up to sixteen hours, depending on which level of light output you choose and whether or not you charge another device on it. And, even if your lights are working, you could charge this during the day and use it as a nightlight to charge your phone on. You’d save a little on that electricity bill!

Device Charging

Yes, you read that right – this is not just another solar-powered light source, because the good folks at Philips know that there’s a lot of things we need when the power goes out, including entertainment. That’s why there’s a rather useful USB slot included, so you can charge your phone using the LifeLight Plus.

The Great Outdoors

And if there’s one very particular use I can think of for this sweet and small device, it’s camping. You won’t need  a plugpoint to shed some light on your campsite at night! It’s also super light, so it’s easy to carry (thanks to the handy carry handle!) and small enough to fit into your backpack. If you’re brave enough to conquer camping (I am not, but you may be!), this should go on your essential items list.

Get It Here

I scouted around to find where you could pick one up easily, and found it listed on Takealot!



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