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Childhood is probably the most creative time of our lives, with big ideas and adventurous plans all part and parcel of a child’s growing up process. Creating something new is always exciting, and learning more about the inventions that have changed our world is a great way to inspire your budding inventor.

Facebook, just last week, announced their great big idea – Aquila. It’s not just your favourite social network anymore, as Zuck and his team have set their sights on enabling everyone on the planet to access the Internet. Facebook’s Connectivity Lab revealed Aquila through Mark Zuckerberg, announcing that their solar-polared, slimline plane could soon be beaming an Internet connection to the most remote parts of the globe. You can read more about Aquila or enjoy this launch video:


What To Do When Your Inventor Feels Like Getting Creative:

As parents, we’re regularly trying to nurture our children’s creative sides and seek to provide them with the right kinds of tools to help ignite a little spark of inspiration. Of course, this is DigiKids, so we’ve got some great apps to help you do just that:

Filimundus Brio World Inventioneers: zany inventioneers, assemble! Filimundus Brio World is available for Apple, Android and Windows devices and is both educational and fun. Filimundus Brio World costs between R39 to R59 to download, but it’s worth every cent!

Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe: this app is a slightly more gamified version of Pettson’s Inventions 1 and 2, and is filled with all sorts of contraption games. You can download it for an Android device here or for your iPhone or iPad here

Gadgetarium: We’ve taken you through Gadgetarium before – be warned, it’s fascinating – but it’s a great way to get those cogs of inspiration going, while being exceptionally fun to play!

The Great Inventors: This one’s a history lesson and a bundle of colourful fun too. Check out the video below (this one is free to download!)


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