Moppet Is Here!

My eyes spied a mention of Moppet a few days ago, so I got pretty excited to explore this new app, that’s made for one of my favourite things in the world – reading. But Moppet isn’t just your standard reading app, because it’s also focused on creating strikingly original content and telling lovely stories in incredible ways. Here’s what else I found out:

Free To Download
Moppet is entirely free to download, and your very first story is free. The Moppet team, however, extends that range through its subscription model, unlocking ten worlds of stories, and releasing new stories every two weeks when you’re subscribed. Their subscription prices are seriously good, especially when you consider what you’re getting (and enjoying!) Oh, and you don’t need to worry about your kid accidentally buying something while they’re reading – Moppet is designed to prevent that from happening and is entirely ad-free too!

Moppet1 copy

Offline Reading
You can download a story, and then take your phone or tablet offline, to save your data. Once downloaded, stories are available to read offline, so you don’t have to stay online to enjoy fantastic Moppet content.


Read To Me Or Read By Myself

This is the function that I love the most – Moppet gives users the choice to read the story themselves, or to have the story read to them. This is great for when you’re on bedtime story number seven for the night and are completely ready to never read a story out loud again (parents, you know this one well!)

It’s cute and beautiful!

There are ten worlds of stories you unlock as you go, populated with different types of stories to explore and enjoy, as a family. The MoppetVerse is an exciting place to be!

You can download Moppet for your iPhone or iPad here

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