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DigiKids isn’t just for parents – we made this site for kids too! We love it when children share their views on their online lives, so we’re happy to we’ve got an in-house kid reviewer signed up to write a few pieces for us. Here’s a roundup of great games to wile away some time with:

Do your kids (maybe even you?) like playing house? Well, you’re in luck, because here are a few games that your kids might like! I use an Android mobile phone and tablet so you can find these great games on the Google Play Store.


Five Stars for Virtual Families 2!
Virtual Families 2 is an updated version of Virtual Families, and has much better quality game play than the first one. You’re given a house and get to restore it but there’s no rush to complete it. During the game, you stay in the house and your characters get older, have children and begin new generations of people. It’s really fun!

Sims FreePlay

The Sims Freeplay
You may have played this game on a computer, but the app version is just as exciting (if not more!) You get to create your Sims as well as your house, down to the last detail (and you can do that as often as you like or can afford to). Tapping on a wardrobe or closet can change character’s clothing, and you can buy furniture in the store and use your inventory to pass it on to another house. You can have as many Sims as you like, but there are limits on the number of people you have living in each house. You are given tasks to do and, when you’ve finished a task, you get XP that helps you to level up. Unlike Virtual Families, your Sim characters do not die of old age.

Baby Dream House
Baby Dream House is a really fun game for children. There are nine places in the house, but the app only gives you three to explore unless you buy the other six places. Otherwise, it’s a really good game!


The Simpsons: Tapped Out!
Have you ever wanted to recreate Springfield, the town of the Simpsons Family? Well now you can, with Tapped Out! The game is not rude or crude, like some of the episodes can be, so the kids can play too! Homer (the dad) is your best friend and you complete tasks and missions with him. I really enjoyed it!


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