Now We Have Smart Socks…For Babies!

I’ve tried really hard to wrap my head around wearable technology. The idea of monitoring how many steps you’ve taken a day is still somewhat lost on me but I’ve strapped a band around my arm and sometimes I remember to charge it.

However, this latest piece of wearable tech is pretty clever. Smart socks for your little one! The Owlet baby monitor is a little sock that fits on your baby while she sleeps. It can be linked to your smartphone but is also able to connect to a Base Station via Bluetooth. The Base Station then operates even if your phone battery has died.


The Owlet is a nifty little device that works much like that finger clip they attach to you in hospital that measures your heart rate. The tech is called pulse oximetry and if that sounds familiar it is because it is also used in the Apple Smartwatch. By shining small LED lights on to the skin and then sensing how much light makes it back to the photo receptor the device can record your heart rate and oxygen saturation. Clever, right?

If your baby’s heart rate or oxygen saturation dips then the Owlet is programmed to sound off an alert. Check it out:

Owlet is designed to fit little ones up to the age of one year. No word yet on when we can expect them locally but if they did land on our shores (based on the current Rand nose dive) you’d likely be forking out about R5000 for one of these.

Is your peace of mind worth the price?

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