Old School Games For You and The Kids

Did you play console or computer games as a kid? In our interactions with readers this week, it seems like many of us did! But, did you know you could be playing those games you loved back then right now too? We’ll tell you about that shortly.

Speaking from personal experience, so many of my childhood memories are wrapped around an Atari 2600 joystick or slotted next to a Nintendo cartridge. Even more so, I have rich memories of day trips to our local gaming arcade and my kid’s dad? He builds arcade cabinets as a hobby, using arcade game emulators like MAME.

But back to the nostalgia! To poke your brain, here are some of the best games you remembered from your childhood:

Donkey Kong | DigiKids

Donkey Kong
It seems like everyone played Donkey Kong at least once in their lives, and others of us may have devoted infinite hours of our lives to spending time with that sort-of-mountain-gorilla. But, did you know that there’s a hidden “easter egg” that you probably will never find? It’s true! Check out some fascinating facts about Donkey Kong here.


Ah, Worms. Here’s another game we’re all pretty familiar with! Kablooey and kablam, Worms started in 1995 and moved across a lot of gaming platforms over time, with the latest release hitting console screens in 2014.

Arkanoid | DigiKids

Yes, we all played Pac-Man for days on end, but Arkanoid was something else entirely. Released in 1986 for arcades, Arkanoid saw player shooting into space at a pattern of bricks. You can play a Flash-based version of it here.


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made a huge comeback last year with the release of their latest movie but, TMNT actually goes back a long way! The older games are based on the television series, with later games focusing more on emulating the movies’ storylines. It’s another series of games that’s hopped platforms, with the 1991 DOS-based Manhattan Missions featuring highly in readers’ memories.

Classic DOS Games | DigiKids

But, enough about what we used to play! Let’s take a look at how we can carry on playing those games we loved back then, with our kids today. Here’s a nifty list of where you can play some old school games online:

PicaPic is a very retro, digitalized collection of handheld electronic games. Enjoy a little Donkey Kong, Zelda and even Bartman (yes, of The Simpsons!) exactly as you remember them.

Old Games DK |  DigiKids

For everyone who remembers the thrill of getting the very first family PC installed in their home, there’s Classic DOS Games and, yes, Extreme Pinball is there!

And, last one for today, because I need to erm, rush off and play for a bit, check out Oldgames.DK here. With PacMan, Bubble Bobble and Bomb Jack, you and the kids will be playing for days.

Have fun, gamers!

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