Pick ‘n Pay Stickeez 2 – The App.

The arrival of Stickeez 2 at Pick ‘n Pay was met by parents who either jumped on to that submarine (me!) or who bemoaned the arrival of these plastic undersea creatures. Whatever your response to them may be, I do quite like the accompanying mobile application that Pick ‘n Pay has released to tie in with the campaign. 


How it works:

  1. Download the Pick ‘n Pay Stickeez 2 app from your phone app store: Google and iOS devices are catered for
  2. Once downloaded and installed, the app will ask you for permission to use your GPS/location; microphone and camera. This is an important part of the app so, unfortunately, if you refuse to let it do this, it won’t function as it needs to. 
  3. That’s because…most of the app action takes place inside a Pick ‘n Pay store. 

Here are our top 7 reasons for liking it:

  1. It turns taking the kids shopping with you into an adventure. Pop them into the trolley or let them explore the store as you browse the aisles for loo paper, and they can catch Stickeez creatures in bubbles, using the app. 
  2. It’s a really cute game that serves no other real purpose other than entertainment and, hey, we all need a little fun nowadays.
  3. It includes an easy-to-understand, four-step tutorial on how to play, that makes it super simple for even little kids to enjoy it.  
  4. Players can look at their Stickeez collection, even when offline.
  5. There’s a cute selfie function that puts your face into an aquarium or undersea environment.
  6. There’s a practice range for finessing those Stickeez catching skills, also available when you’re not in store.
  7. There’s a daily bubble bonus you can enjoy and, if you scan a till slip, you can grab even more bubbles!  

Off you go, grab those bubbles and catch those Stickeez! Watch the cute advertisement below: 


Cath Jenkin

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