Pickles Paper Dolls

photo 1This adorable game provides a collection of six paper dolls from around the world to dress up while learning vocabulary words for clothing items in Spanish, English, Amharic, Chinese and French. Each paper doll also says “hello” and “my name is” in the various languages thereby encouraging your mini linguist to make friends from Beijing to Brooklyn. It is also quite cool that one of the languages is Amharic, although more African languages would have been a great addition. The game also attempts to familiarize kids with a bit of geography by placing the map of each doll’s country next to the doll. The clothes are a bit westernized so the game falls short of teaching kids about traditional clothing. There is also a free “lite” version which includes one free doll from Brooklyn to dress up. However, the free version includes no vocabulary words so it isn’t unique from other free dress up games. Both versions allow kids to take and caption photos of their doll and email or print them (but this feature can be locked). Overall, a cute dress up game that importantly shows kids different ideas of beauty and gets some sneaky learning in too.   photo 3   photo 2
Stacey Vee

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