Playing House With Fuzzy House

Growing up, one of my most favourite things to do was… play house. I had an amazing dollhouse with little figurines and, sometimes, if I close my eyes, I can still remember the magic of playing for hours. My daughter has also enjoyed many years of ‘playing house’ with her dollhouse, and especially enjoyed it when Granny got her a huge one for playtime at her house!

Fuzzy House 2

So it’s no surprise then that opening up Fuzzy House, a new application for kids, has evoked many nostalgic feelings for me. Okay, I’ll be honest – I’m currently dreaming up story lines for each scene and I’ve been rearranging the bedrooms during my tea breaks.

It’s easy to understand why kids (and parents!) love Fuzzy House, because it’s beautifully, intricately decorated and uses relatively simple touchscreen commands to not only navigate the application but interact with each character and their setting.

Here’s what we’ve loved about it:

  • A super cute interface that’s richly illustrated and yet well crafted so that I’ve experienced minimal, or no, lag when playing. I realise that’s often device-dependent, but it says a lot that we’re enjoying a wonderful Fuzzy House experience on a device that’s more than a year old.
  • Opening up the front door is exciting! You enter into a charmingly decorated home that you can turn into your very own, by adjusting decor, placing your characters and interacting with many items.
  • The cutest parts, for me? Having my characters make a phone call (you’ll need to teach your kids about rotary dialling phones for this one!) and when they go to bed at night – the snoring is too cute!
  • It’s exceptionally easy to use, and created with a child’s imagination in mind. Enabling “free play” like this is important, as it not only stimulates your child’s imagination but encourages open-ended playtime – something I think every kid needs more of!
  • The characters are beautifully ‘old school’ woollen teddy bears, just like the ones your grandmother may have knitted for you.
  • As strange as it sounds, the setting, characters and game play combined with interactive play to create a true texture and life to the app. I’m battling to put it down (I suspect I need more time to play in my day)

There are two versions available via your favourite App Store for Fuzzy House: Fuzzy House Lite version gives you three rooms to explore, decorate and enjoy, while the Premium (paid for!) version offers you the full house, downstairs and upstairs, to explore and decorate, while placing your characters wherever you’d like them. The Premium version is worth every cent!

I also found this sweet walkthrough video of Fuzzy House, which tells you a little more about the way you can interact with items in the app and decorate your surroundings:


Oh, and parents – this part is especially for you! The Fuzzy House website is packed with great creative resources for craft projects. Here’s where you can download Fuzzy House for your:

Let’s play!


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