Potty Training – There’s an App for That

While you’ve already conquered so many challenges in your parenting life (go on and high 5 yourself), there’s still some unfinished business that can bring you and your toddler to tears…

Potty training. For some parents, it’s effortless. For others, it’s a nightmare. Luckily, there’s an app for that.

We look at 2 potty training apps that turn frustration into fun:

Potty Training – Learning with the animals:

If there’s only one reason why you download this app, it’s for the explanation: “needing to go potty feels like butterflies in your tummy.” This bingo moment is worth its weight in gold. Add on a fun farmyard, cute animals, and a grandpa-like voice over, and you have an app that’s a winner in the zone of poo-poo and wee-wee. Speaking of which, that awkward issue of actually showing said bodily fluids is tastefully handled.

Potty Training 1 | DigiKids

How it works: Your kiddo will start to learn the animals’ “got-to-go” signals, and begin to recognise them in themselves. They’ll then take each animal to a new page to go potty, where fun things are always happening. Think planes flying across frame or a purple spider popping in for some encouragement. There are even some real-life potty-training tricks included, like turning on the tap and letting the water run to help the horse go potty. Best feature? When it’s time for the human characters to go to the loo, you can choose between a boy or girl.

Potty Training 2 | DigiKids

The app’s high-quality production, gorgeous illustrations and sweet music will inspire your 1 – 4 year old to take an active role in potty training. While there’s a free version available on iTunes, it’s merely a sneaky introduction. You’ll have to buy the full app to access the interactive storybook. For Android, you can pick it up on the Google Play Store here. 

Potty Time:
Designed around the concept of rewarding your child for potty successes, “from hugs and high-fives to stickers and Snickers,” this app offers different rewards for each toilet win. Your little one can choose to play a game, watch a video, or read a book with you. There’s even a printable chart to post on your bathroom door.

Potty Training 3 | DigiKids

Produced by Two Little Hands (the company responsible for the “Signing Time” series), there’s even a simulated phone call from Rachel Coleman to praise your kiddo for going potty. It’s a free download and comes complete with useful tips, a handful of books, some great videos, and a memory matching game. But, and here’s the flush: there’s only 1 free video available, and another one that you can unlock by using the progress chart. The rest need to be purchased, at R11,99 each. And just in case you needed reminding that this is an app with a business model, there’s a whole page of products available to buy, like DVDs, CDs and a Reminder Watch.

Potty Training 4 | DigiKids

Despite the annoying in-app purchases (yes, they’re annoying) this is a useful support app. You as the parent need to manage it to get the full benefits out of it. It’s not the kind of app that let’s you hand over your iPad and get the laundry done while your little one absorbs the information. Get it here on the Google Play Store or on iTunes here.

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