Review: Adventure Time Game Wizard

Fusing the simple joy of drawing with the most innovative and intuitive technology, this game is a fun slice of the future. Featuring everyone’s favourite pair of buddies, Adventure Time’s Finn and Jake, this game lets kids design their own levels and share them online.

Adventure Time 2 | DigiKids

The user-generated levels kick off when Finn and Jake discover a magical sketchbook that brings to life anything that is drawn on its pages. Property of the villainous Doodle Wizard (voiced by “Weird Al” Yankovic) they soon discover that the sketchbook isn’t all fun and games…

Adventure Time 3 | DigiKids

Using specifically designed paper or the in-game editor, kids can create customizable levels with a choice of seven swappable characters and five unique environments from the kooky Adventure Time universe. Patience and practice are required to master the techniques but the possibilities for play are pretty much endless and persistent players will be rewarded.

Adventure Time 4 | DigiKids

Personally I love the character BMO so this game was a winner in my books right from the start. BMO fangirling aside, it is a creative, fun and interactive game that offers kids (and me) something different.

Adventure Time 5 | DigiKids

Note: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.


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