Review: ClickTab 7″ For Kids

There’s something about tablets made just for little fingers that always make me smile. A lot of thought goes into making a relatively high tech device into something that’s easy to use, simple to understand and navigate.

That’s where the Incredible Connection ClickTab 7” for Kids gets it right! It’s easy for little hands to manage; measuring at 7 inches, but it feels a lot like a handheld console in my hands. ClickTab Kidz_Cover2


At startup, I confess that I had to read the manual before being able to do anything but my kid seemed to plug right in to how it all works. There’s GREAT parental control on this little device, as everything (including time spent on the tablet!) can and is controlled by the parent, and secured using a PIN code. Once you’re all signed in and ready to go, this little 3G-enabled wonder lets kid users explore the pre-loaded applications, and enables access to an app store.

This Incredible Connection ClickTab 7” for kids has a cute and nifty skin applied to it, turning the User Interface from adult to kid-friendly. We loved the cute icons, backgrounds and easy navigation of this little tablet. Oh, and you can set up separate profiles for each kid, if you’re sharing the device among different children.

Hardware wise, the Incredible Connection ClickTab 7” for kids is pretty solid, running on Android and has a Dual Core Processor. Granted, you won’t be making spreadsheets on this one (why, when there’s way more fun things to do!?) but it’s perfectly suited for the needs of a child who occasionally likes settling in for a good few rounds of their favourite game. Oh, and it comes with a rather durable silicone sleeve, so it should be okay if accidentally dropped.

It’s best suited for kids between the ages of 3 to 10, and if you’re looking for a first tablet for your kid, this one’s a good bet.

Pick one up at Incredible Connection for R1399-00.

Cath Jenkin

As a mom, Cath raises her daughter with a strong focus on technology, as she believes that digital literacy is as important as learning to read. With a long history of creating content for online and print publications, and in particular as a parenting columnist, Cath brings her curious mind... Read more

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I Cant find a manual for the CLICKTAB7″ KIDS tablet. I bought it for my son, but I don’t understand most of the features. Could you let me know where I can find the manual?


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