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The recent unveiling of Homo Naledi has had us talking around the dinner table a lot! And that’s why I’m happy to have discovered a recently launched online game that’s rather educational. I’m a big fan of strategy-focused games, so when I happened upon Erectus The Game, tying it in to learning a little more about evolution and human history made sense.

What is it?
Erectus The Game is an online game that you and the kids can explore and enjoy from within your favourite browser. It’s absolutely free to play (bonus!) and takes you back to pre-historic times, about 130 000 years ago. Technically, it’s an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game).

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Getting Started
The game mechanics of Erectus The Game are pretty similar, I noted to The Croods (LINK), which is something my kid loves to play on her mobile phone. You can login using a Facebook account or create a standalone login to play. I found it a bit fiddly to begin with, so you might need to help your kid on first setup.

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How To Play
Once you’re logged in, choose where you’d like to go on the map and then pick your tribe. The cool part is that, once you’ve selected your character type, the game serves up a descriptive list of your character’s strengths, weaknesses and skills. Then you’re taken to your starting village and, from there, you build your village and begin tackling tasks. As with most strategy games, you get a helping hand and, for this game, that guide is called Waldi the Wizard. Throughout the game, you’ll be building your village, fortifying it against enemy attacks and learning a little more about life in pre-historic times. There’s also a trading centre and you’ll be building an empire alongside other players from across the globe.

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A Few Notes 
There are history lessons to be had while playing, so it’s important to note that there is some violence, fighting and the like. There’s also a common enemy – the Erectus people, a dominant tribe that’s rather unfriendly! I’d say this is a game for slightly older kids, so keep that in mind before you log your progeny in.

The Final Word
This is a fun game you can play with your kids. While the content is quite educational, I’d recommend that (as with all MMOG portals) it’s always good to keep an eye on what’s happening online. The graphics aren’t spectacular but that’s because it’s an in-browser experience, and not a stand-alone game, so it’d have to render well on a range of devices. I reviewed Erectus The Game on my Mac, but (as it’ll tell you when you try access it via a mobile device), it’s better to explore and play from a desktop or laptop.

Check out Erectus The Game here or watch this intro video below:

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