REVIEW: iBaby Monitor M2

The days of having to peek around the corner to check on your sleeping baby are long gone. Thanks to the rise of technology, keeping an eye on your kid is even easier nowadays. New mom, Alice, took the iBaby Monitor M2 for a test run!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could check in on your (hopefully) sleeping bundle of joy using your phone? Great in concept, but that’s where the story ends folks. The iBaby Monitor M2 (from is a pretty piece of junk. In theory – and as long as you have internet connectivity – you should be able to open the free iBaby app to see what your little one is up to. It’s a theory, because I found that more often than not, the app would crash or refuse to connect to the net. In fact, whenever I tried to show off my fancy new parenting gadget to my friends and family, it wouldn’t do anything. At all. It’s a badly-designed and buggy piece of software.


Not only that, there is an annoying delay with the sound so you would hear your baby cry, and then a few seconds later hear the same cry via your phone along with a weird, buzzing, background noise which cannot be stopped. There are simply no sensitivity settings on the iBaby Monitor which means it is unusable if you want to, for example, put the phone next to your bed and go to sleep. Also, because of the device’s design, unless you’re prepared to screw the monitor into the wall, it’s quite hard to get a good view into of your cot or bassinet unless you have the perfect surface available. It just doesn’t pan nicely. When the iBaby Monitor works, however infrequently, the picture on the camera is pretty clear. I’ll give them that. (I even managed to capture a quick pic of my cat leaping into the cot!) But overall, the iBaby Monitor is a poorly designed and overpriced product that tries to hook new, tech-savvy parents and fails. Save yourself the time and money.

  • Price: R2 599
  • Available from:
  • Verdict: Buggy, buzzy and badly-designed but has a decent camera.

Alice Ying

Alice is a new mom from Durbs. She is also a digital whiz, Apple fangirl and early adopter of all-things tech. She loves her little ones of both the furry and human variety and likes to try out gadgets for both.

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