Review: LeapPad™ Platinum

We’ve been fans of the Leapfrog ecosystem since the Explorer launched so spending a little time with two of the Leapfrog tablets came easy to us round here. Here’s what we loved about the LeapPad™ Platinum:

It’s a made-for-kids tablet and my child found it to be on a par with her “usual use” Android tablet. Here’s what she had to say:

“It’s a lot of fun to use, and the screen is just the right size for me. It feels like using my normal tablet, but better. It loads more quickly and games open faster. I like that!”

It’s true – one of the best things about this little tablet is how quickly it starts up – from the moment we pressed the power button to where we were able to start playing took just a few seconds.

LeapPad Platinum 1

Of course, this is a tablet built for kids, so it’s pretty easy to use (confession – I battled, as an adult but my daughter found it super simple to navigate around). What have proved most useful are the clear descriptions, icon-driven navigation and helpful narration as you explore the tablet’s applications.

Parental controls
LeapFrog’s approach to parental controls never fails to impress me. Using a central parental console, we can set up approved websites to visit, load content and all sorts of other excellent mechanisms. The parental controls are not inhibiting to the user at all, and I appreciate the level of thought put into creating these. This is particularly important, considering that the tablet is WiFi-enabled, but all access systems are set up by the parent, not the child user.

Of course, LeapFrog’s commitment to education with a fun twist shines through with both the operating system and wide range of available applications. Learning about the human body becomes an explorative game (hold on to your hats for the information about passing gas – you’ll hear that factoid thrown around a few times!) and acing the spelling of a word creates beautiful pictures as a reward. Check out the Imagicard interactive games for extra-personalised fun!

Don’t forget:
To register for your Worry-Free Crack Screen Replacement – you’ll find details on the box!

You can pick up a LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum from Takealot for R1699. Thanks to Prima Interactive for sending us the LeapPad™ Platinum to review!

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