Review: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

I’ve often wished for a tablet that had the screen size of my laptop but the easy portability of my nifty little tablet. Well, it’s happened. Lenovo have made it happen, and gone one better, turning their Yoga Tablet 2 Pro into an all-in-one family entertainment and work station that’s scoring high points in our house. Here’s what we’ve loved the most about it:

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Integrated Projector Family movie night just got fun! With the integrated projector, we’ve been watching movies from bed and even projecting the picture onto our ceiling, for that ultimate lie-in-bed-with-film experience. The projection can stretch up to 50 inches, making it a heck of a home theatre. Oh, and the audio? 8 watts of sound, including a subwoofer, that’s turning our movie watching into a real cinema experience.

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A big old screen We measured it – the screen size of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is the same as the screen on my Macbook. Those 13.3 inches would make you think that this tablet is a little difficult to manage but it’s really not. I feel like I’ve got all the magic of my laptop in a little more portable package. It’s really wonderful to have all the benefits of browsing and playing games at a full screen resolution but you’re not sitting at your desk.

Hook up and Kick down! The little introductory video we watched on this tablet showed us how to hang the tablet on a hook. I was a little petrified of doing this because I don’t have wonderful experience with hooks staying put on walls but, because the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is a lot lighter than you’d expect, it really was nothing to worry about. As I type, I’m watching an episode of Full House (yes, really, you remember that series!) while the tablet hangs on a hook on my wall. It feels like the tablet becomes a TV. The adjustable kickstand is also great for putting the tablet onto a flat surface at a range of angles – the stand, tilt and hold modes are super cool. This is great for when my kid and I are doing homework and need to rely on good old YouTube instructional videos to sort out a problem or investigate a few historical facts.

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Scribble everywhere Okay, okay, I love to scribble. I really do. And the built-in Sketchpad app lets you scribble on your screen at any time. Particularly cool for presentations and tutorials, we used the sketchpad app for doodling and for circling some important stuff we were looking up online for a school project.


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A-team for Ashton We’re kinda smitten with Ashton Kutcher round here, especially since he said this at the Teen Choice Awards in 2013. Ashton’s thrown his weight behind this Lenovo device as a product engineer. Watch this video for his take on the Lenovo Tablet 2 Pro:

And the best part? It’s the battery. With 15 hours of play (and work) time packed into this device, from one single charge, I’m almost ready for this tablet to take over from my laptop. You can pick one of these beauties up from Lenovo with a recommended retail price of just R8999.00.  

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