Review: Scoring Top Marks with Top Dog!

I got a pretty nifty gift from Vodacom when I upgraded my handset recently – a voucher for Top Dog!

Look, I’m a sucker for free things, especially if they’re online and educational so, I merrily hopped across to the website and registered straight away. Once I was all signed up, I watched the introductory video and then set about looking at what Top Dog was all about.

It’s quite the winner for parents looking for extra educational resources for their school-going kids. Almost every school subject has been covered in their product offering, and each module contains fantastic video and text-based resources. Top Dog covers Grade 4 and upwards, for most subjects, but focuses on the higher grades (10 to 12) for a few more specialised topics.

Top Dog

Because we’re getting ready for the challenges of senior primary next year, I popped a few of the English and Mathematics lessons into my shopping cart, redeemed my fantastic voucher and whoomp, there it was, straight away.

It’s really easy to shop on the Top Dog website, and my kid felt quite confident in picking her own subjects and browsing the product catalogue.

Once we’d picked a few modules, we chose an English module and started watching the first video together. Maybe the best part of going through school work this way, is that we can hit the pause button on a lesson, and chat about what is being discussed. After that, she completed the short quiz that forms part of the lesson and easily scored top marks!

Top Dog

Aside from video content and PDF versions of work covered, there’s also mock exams, quizzes and summaries. You can buy modules using Top Cash (the Top Dog currency), UKash or your credit card. You can also send a friend a gift card for Top Dog, and help another kid get access to this great educational content.

Check out Top Dog here and let your kids have a little fun while learning!

Cath Jenkin

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