Review: Sphero Ollie

A cylindrical robot that overcomes his squat shape to be a skateboarding pro (only without a skateboard). That is the story of Ollie, the little robot that could. Complete with LED lights and an impressive 30 metre range, Ollie can perform fun tricks and race across the lounge reaching speeds of 6 metres per second (just ask my bewildered dog Lola). The app operates much like a skateboarding game with a virtual joystick and trick pad.

Ollie 1 | DigiKids

Deceptively easy at first, controlling Ollie and mastering the tricks is very, uh, tricky. While younger kids might grow frustrated when Ollie gets stuck, older kids are sure to enjoy the Stunt Cam videos and challenges. Kids with a competitive spirit can even upload their own videos of Ollie performing their own tricks.

Ollie 2 | DigiKids


Although Ollie is not an educational toy in the traditional sense, there are some sneaky learning opportunities. For example, in order to perform tricks kids will have to follow the instructions illustrated on the app.

Ollie 3 | DigiKids

Overall Ollie is durable, fast, challenging but addictive and easy to charge – simply plug the USB charging cable into any device and enjoy one hour of play off a single charge.

Note: the app is available on Android and iOS

Want an Ollie? You can get your hands on one at the iStore for R1299!

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